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Mark Elliott Company Projects
Sand Filter used to cleanup closed chilled water loop.
BAC Series 3000 cooling towers for hospital
BAC Series 3000 cooling tower with Baltibond Corrosion Protection for a hospital chiller plant
BAC Series 3000 cooling tower being rigged on top of a hospital
BAC 3000 with louver face platform for large office building chiller plant
BAC Series 3000 cooling towers, all stainless steel
Alfa Laval Plate and Frame HX
Patterson Vertical InLine Pumps, close-coupled.
Puroflux centrifugal filter for filtering condenser water.
BAC fluid cooler with TriArmor Corrosion Protection for a heat pump application.
Custom fiberglass remote sump tanks for cooling tower water.
Patterson Vertical InLine Pumps, split-coupled.
BAC PT2 installed at local university.
BAC closed loop fluid cooler for industrial process cooling
Puroflux Duplex Pump Skid
Puroflux Bag Filter
BAC Fluid Cooler with TriArmor Corrosion Protection and redundant spray pump.
Condenser water remote sump tanks with custom connections and level controls.
BAC low profile cooling towers set on spring rails.
BAC fluid coolers for process cooling.
BAC Series 1500 installed over concrete sump.
Colmac Coil dry cooler installed for winter free cooling.  Existing air cooled chiller cannot run at low ambient.
BAC Series 1500 cooling tower with TriArmor Corrosion Protection.
National Pump vertical turbine pumps over outdoor remote sump.
Indoor remote sump for cooling tower water with level controls.
Indoor remote sump tank for cooling tower water and pump skid.
Patterson Horizontal Split Case pump.
Variable Speed Triplex Booster
Vertical Triplex Booster
Duplex Booster
Three vertical turbine pumps for under-floor cooling tower remote sumps.
BAC series V cooling towers installed indoors for protection against damaging weather events such as a tornado.
Patterson Vertical InLine close-coupled pumps.
Alfa Laval free cooling HX for a data center.
Puroflux centrifugal filters for cooling tower water.
Patterson pumps and factory insulated remote sump tank.
BAC Series 3000 basinless cooling tower sitting over top of concrete sump.
Large Alfa Laval Hx for free cooling in a data center.
BAC Series 3000 basinless cooling towers installed over concrete sump.
Large factory insulated hydronic tanks.
Patterson horizontal base mounted pumps.
Three Alfa Laval HX with factory provided insulation package that can be removed and reused.
Puroflux sand filters for filtering cooling tower water.
Rigging into place BAC series 3000 cooling towers.
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